Improved care from PondCare


The PondCare range from Masterfoods has been added to with the launch of two new products.

It's also been given a new look to help retailers offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use range to their customers.

One of the new products, PondCare Algae Clear, is said to be a fast acting, long-lasting solution for controlling both green water and blanketweed which works by clumping together small particles of algae and using special stable strains of bacteria to digest and reduce them.

The formula also removes phosphates, which helps prevent further algal growth.

The other new product is PondCare Aquatic Plant Food Liquid which floats on the surface of the water and benefits both plants around the edge of the pond and floating plants, including lilies. It contains potassium and iron and all the essential trace elements needed by plants.

PondCare has embarked on a relabelling campaign to make the range easier to use and understand. For example, PondCare Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer has been renamed PondCare Tap Water Conditioner to help consumers when buying the product.

The bottles in the range have also been redesigned with a sleek, contemporary look and now come with dosing caps, helping consumers use the correct amount for the required job.

This article was first published in Aquatic Trade News, a supplement produced by the trade title Pet Product Marketing.