Illusion Aquarium from Fista Filtration


Looking for something different to the norm? Then how about the Seabreeze Illusion cylinder tank?

Following PFK's meeting with David Dunnett from Fista Filtration, he has sent us some pics of the utterly unique Illusion acrylic aquarium.

"The idea came about when I had a section of 250mm diameter acrylic tube left spare from a job," said Dunnett.

"I didn't want it to go to waste so I turned it on its side and the Illusion came about," he added.

The aquarium costs £195 and consists of a 250mm diameter tube, 510 mm long, with a multi chamber filter attached to the end. Overall length including filter is 610mm.

The filter section can accommodate a powerhead, heater and small skimmer and the length and shape of the tank should make it perfect for lighting with an AquaRay AquaBeam 500 LED light, according to Dunnett.

The tank has already been set up long term and tested with marines.