Hydor Koralia Evolution circulation pump


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Italian manufacturer Hydor have revamped their Koralia range of pumps for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Named Koralia Evolution, there are five models in the new range delivering 900, 1600, 2800, 4000 and 5200lph respectively.

"Koralia Evo utilises many of the lessons learned from the older version," said Paul Mason of Hydor.

"No shaft akin to the Magnum, a unique impeller design and the Evo uses Teflon bearings which are better."

"The new nose cone only fits one way, which saves time and breakages."

"It's controllable too - because of the friction created on start up the old propellor rattled. With the Koralia Evo the propellor is fixed and so no noise on start up."

The new design also includes a sphere joint for adjustable flow direction and is physically smaller and more compact than the old Koralias.

Anti vibration system

The new Evo range has a redesigned magnet support and rubber dampening:

"The vibration device is neat, because many reef keepers wanted to bury the unit in rocks and still use the magnet. On the original Koralia this was sure to create vibration." Added Paul.

Super efficient flow rates

The new range claims even more efficiency using up to 50% less power while gaining up to 20% more water flow.

At 5200lph for just 5.5 watts the Evo 5200 delivers nearly 1000lph per watt, making it the most efficient pump that PFK has ever seen.

RRPs for the new Koralias are Evo 900 £33.99, Evo 1600 £46.99, Evo 2800 £57.99, Evo 4000 £79.99, and Evo 5200 £90.00.

Pricing has also been revised on the Koralia Magnum because of the increase in water output from the new Evo range:

Magnum 5 £119.99, Magnum 6 £149.99, Magnum 7 £189.99, and Magnum 8 £223.99

Koralia Magnum remains unchanged from the original version.