Hundreds flock to British Discus Show


Several hundred fishkeepers visited the British Discus Show hosted at Haydock Park last weekend.

On Saturday visitors were treated to two innovative lectures given by Bernd Degen and Jorg Stendker. Other attractions included Discus and other fish for sale as well as a wide range of dry goods, food and reptiles.

The main event was of course the judged competition. 84 Discus from around the world were entered into six classes. Each class winner going forward to the Grand Champion class. The winner was a Brilliant Turquoise entered by Barry Woodward from Devon.

What makes this achievement so creditable is that Barry obtained this fish in a batch of eight "6cm" babies in February 2010. It took him just 14 months to grow it into a Grand Champion.

The British and International Discus Association (BIDKA) would like to thank the event sponsors: Tetra, Interpet, Casco Europe, NT Labs, Practical Fishkeeping, ALF Wholesale and the numerous individuals who contributed donations to make this event possible. Also the judges who flew in from around the world, Bernd Degen, (Germany) Jorg Stendker, (Germany) Cüneyt Birol, (Turkey) Bosse Quiding (Sweden) and Mike O’Sullivan (England).