Hotel built around world's largest cylindrical aquarium!


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The world's largest cylindrical aquarium can be found at a hotel in Berlin.

The AquaDom, which sits in the heart of the lobby atrium at the Radisson Blue Hotel, measures 25m in height – the cylinder itself is 16m tall – and contains one million litres of water.

copyright © Jürgen Schiller García, Creative Commons

The aquarium is made of acrylic – 16mm in thickness on the top and 22cm on the bottom - and was manufactured in four pieces and built on-site on top of 30' of concrete foundation, during the actual construction of the hotel. In fact, the hotel itself was built around the tank!

The AquaDom features a two-story glass elevator inside, with the capacity to carry 48 visitors, including a guide.

copyright © Jürgen Schiller García, Creative Commons

The enormous tank is home to over 1,500 tropical marine fish of more than 50 species including triggers, wrasse, surgeonfish, soldierfish and Monos.

The aquarium is maintained by Sea Life Berlin, which is located next to the hotel. There are two full-time scuba divers to help care for and feed the fish.

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