Home jellyfish aquaria on the way!


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Fancy keeping jellyfish? After years of people being told how difficult it is to keep jellies in a home aquarium, Cubic Aquarium Systems have come along and designed a small home system that will be available to all.

Until now, anyone wishing to keep any of these motile cnidarians would have had to resort to a Kreisel system, a clumsy looking design and far from appealing to the eye. In fact, a Kreisel system might be thought of more like a washing machine, with a tumbling movement that keeps the jellies in suspension.

Rectangular tanks and basic filters are of no use with the delicate jellies. With singular flows, and sucking strainers it is all too easy for the jellyfish to become stuck on a mesh, where it will promptly rip and die, or trap itself into a corner.

Cubic have come to the rescue here. A custom design based around the Kreisel system but lacking the ugliness looks to hit the markets any time over the next few months – and PFK hope to get one to test and review upon their release.

Details of the exact method used are sparse at this time, but the proof is very much in the pudding as the prototype version in the video show. Cubic have devised a method that keeps the jellies afloat while keeping them away from perilous filter inlets. The species shown are Aurelia aurita, or moon jellies, and the makers are now experimenting with this authors favourite – comb jellies!

The smart looking unit even has innovative lighting created by UK company Light Synergy. Light intensity and colour can be altered remotely, making this an ultimate ‘sit back and relax’ aquarium that would be ideal at either home, or the stressful workplace where a hypnotic release is needed.

The prototype measures around 60 x 60 x 25cm, so it’s manageable for almost anyone, and release models should be somewhere around this size. Acrylic is used in construction, meaning it’ll be tough but will involve careful cleaning if it’s too remain scratch free.

Price at this time is unknown – watch this space, jelly fans, and retailers prepare to get stocked up. I think this will be a popular product amongst those looking for something different.