Heroic goldfish protect world leaders


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When Barack Obama and David Cameron felt the need to answer a call of nature during last week's G20 summit, they probably didn't realise their safety was being ensured not only by state of the art security and thousands of armed police, but by six goldfish!

Management at the summit's COEX conference centre venue in Seoul, South Korea added the fish to a tank of treated, recycled water used in the building as a final test of its purity after it has been tested scientifically.

If the goldfish showed any signs of distress then measures would be taken to stop water usage as it may have been contaminated in a attempt to target the world leaders, the fish acting as a aquatic 'canary in a coal mine'.

As well as fending off the threat of international terrorism, organisers hoped the fish would improve Korea's image among world leaders by showing the country to be environmentally friendly.