Heritage Aquatics plans anniversary weekend


Surrey aquatic retailer Heritage Aquatics is holding a special weekend event to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

The shop, which is based in Wallington, opened in 2004 as a specialist tropical marine fish supplier.

Owners, Jonathan and Fiona Daniels, told Practical Fishkeeping: "Some felt it was a risky business specialising only in marines, but with our dedication and enthusiasm the business has gone from strength to strength. We have now built a large client base of very satisfied customers."

The past three years have seen Heritage expand into another barn on their estate and small holding, which has been devoted to tropical freshwater and coldwater fish.

"The success of the new building has been astounding, leading to us opening another one this year. The latest addition is a dedicated reptile house, which includes 30 vivariums, plus aquariums for snakes and amphibians including salamanders, frogs and newts.

"The new reptile house, which is opening on Saturday December 6th, is themed with a full adventure story, and is bound to be a huge hit for all the family."

The anniversary weekend includes offers and promotions through all departments, including 25% off livestock purchased over the weekend, as well as catering and parking on site.

Heritage Aquatics is also announcing the winner of its recent competition to win a 7000 custom built aquarium, which appeared in the October issue of Practical Fishkeeping.

The anniversary weekend takes place on December 6-7 at Heritage Aquatics, Wallington, Surrey.