Heritage Aquatics hosts top UK ranchu goldfish show


Leading independent aquatic and pet retailer Heritage Aquatics are to host the annual show of Japanese ranchu by the Ranchu Brotherhood UK.

Taking place on Saturday October 1, the best Japanese ranchu in the UK will be on show to the public and competing for the coveted East Ozeki prize, the top award in the Japanese ranchu show scene.

Japanese ranchu are showed and viewed from above, in shallow bowls, and are scored in a similar way to Sumo wrestlers, only without the wrestling!

Fish are divided by age into three categories - tosai (fish born this year,) nisai (fish born last year,) and oya (fish born two years ago.) An oya may measure 8" or more.

The Ranchu Brotherhood was formed by Belgian Geert Coppens, an expert ranchu breeder who is well known by the top ranchu breeders in Japan. The UK event will be supported by Hikari.

Valuable fish

The brotherhood imports fish from prestigious bloodlines and keeps and breeds them very close to Japanese ways.

Japanese ranchu are highly sort after by experienced goldfish keepers and the All Japan Ranchu Show is a major event each year, and one that is held in high esteem even by non fishkeepers.

The winners of the All Japan become celebrities in the Japanese fishkeeping world.

Heritage Aquatics

Heritage continues to expand, and after a very successful ranchu show last year the two parties are anticipating a great event this year.

The Heritage Aquatics site includes marines, tropicals, pond, reptile, birds and small animals as well as many other attractions for children and families.

Educational trips and children's parties are catered for and visitors can relax in the tropical garden cafe and vinery.

For details of how to get there go to www.heritagefarmnurseries.co.uk