Heiko Bleher visits India in the May issue


Coming up in the May 2010 issue of Practical Fishkeeping: Don't miss our special nine-page feature in which Heiko Bleher visits Kerala in southern India - an area which is quickly losing its flora and fauna.

"Kerala is a state in south-west India fast becoming a popular tourist destination and quickly becoming mined, deforested and irrigated," writes Heiko Bleher. "My search was to find out how many species of fish were adapting to survive."

Heiko's expedition yields a huge collection of fish, including a Puntius denisonii look-alike.

Find out more about Heiko's Kerala trip, complete with over 60 fabulous photos of the fish he found there in the May issue of Practical Fishkeeping.

The May issue goes on sale on 14 April 2010.