Happy Pet acquires Underworld and Komodo products


Happy Pet Products has acquired the stock and Intellectual Property rights to Underworld's complete range of products, following the administration of Snowcrest Import and Export Ltd (trading as Underworld Products).

The portfolio of products includes the well-respected Komodo reptile product range, an extensive specialist aquatics range (including the popular Polyfilter pictured above) and Critters Choice homes and accessories for small animals. All products have been transferred to Happy Pet’s warehouse facility in Syston, Leicestershire, and the company is working with both suppliers and customers to continue the stock and supply of these products.

"Underworld had been through really tough times over the last six months following the untimely death of its main Director, Dave Keeley, back in November last year", explains Greg Hendry, Managing Director at Happy Pet. "I knew Dave well, respected his knowledge and excellent range of specialist products his company had developed in the aquatics and reptile sector. It was a sad day when I heard that the company had entered into administration."

Happy Pet had been actively researching the reptile market over the last year, and the opportunity to acquire Komodo, one of the leading brands in this sector, was well timed for the company.

"We’ve already added over 100 lines to the existing Komodo reptile range, and refreshed the packaging and merchandising, ready for launch this September," added Greg. Aquatics was also seen as another potential growth area for them, and with the specialist aquatics products now within their portfolio, Happy Pet says that it's clearly positioned as the UK’s leading pet product supplier across all key pet sectors from cat, dog, bird and small animal to fish and reptiles.

The new reptile and aquatics ranges will be a key attraction at Happy Pet’s exclusive Showcase 2011 event, to be held at The Brandon Hotel and Spa, Coventry on September 18-19, and which is open to pet product retailers, reptile and aquatic specialists.

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