Hagen launches EBI shrimp aquarium range


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Hagen has launched a huge range of new nano aquarium products at the Interzoo trade show in Germany aimed at the established freshwater shrimp scene.

Regular readers who followed our extensive coverage of the last Interzoo trade show will spot similarities between the Hagen EBI range and the Nano aquarium range Dennerle launched at Interzoo in 2010.

The tank itself, the lighting and the supporting products in the EBI and Fluval Shrimp range are very similar to those Dennerle launched two years ago, but also feature some new twists and enhancements.

The Fluval EBI is a familiar 30 litre nano aquarium with a curved front and glass lid, and is lit by the new Fluval Mini Power Compact fluorescent lamp (charcoal grey rather than the silver of the Dennerle model) and filtered by a new Fluval Nano Aquarium filter.

Like the Dennerle models, the Fluval EBI tank also comes with a dark-coloured soil-based granular substrate which aids plant growth and also contains added trace elements to aid the shrimps' health.

Hagen has also released an entire range of products to support the EBI tank, including Fluval Shrimp Tablets, a Fluval Shrimp Safe liquid mineral supplement, a Shrimp Net, thermometer and a range of dark ceramic decor.

In case you're wondering, the range gets its name "EBI" from the Japanese word for shrimp. Prices or availability have yet to be confirmed.