Greenseal box welded pond liners


Pond liner supplier Boxweld have given Practical Fishkeeping details of their rubber liners.

"Our liners are tailor made liners that are made to the exact size and shape of your pond, "Boxweld told PFK.

"This box welded pond liner simply fits snugly into the shape of your pond with an overlaying lip of liner around the top which you can secure by laying flags or stones or indeed any material of your choosing around the flange."

"When installed there are no creases or folds in the liner that you would find with a flat, flexible pond liner, thereby eliminating dead spots and 'hidey holes' for bacteria to form."

"Also it makes cleaning the pond and the installation of bottom drains and returns far easier than a conventional flat liner and looks a lot better once in place and full of water. We can manufacture any size of box-welded liner."

Shapes available

Boxweld claim to be able to supply square, round, rectangular, L shaped and stepped standard liners, all with or without flanges.

They also manfacturer U-shaped, hexagonal, sloped, and other shapes and sizes.

For non standard shapes They will require a drawing.

"Greenseal box welded pond liners have many benefits compared to butyl of equivalent thickness," say Boxweld.

"Including lower cost both initially and long-term, they have higher UV stability, greater tolerance to weather extremes, superior strength and lower environmental impact."