Great white sharks just love AC/DC!


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It seems that the rock band AC/DC has a new fan – the Great white shark!

Great whites are being lured to the boats and cages of tour operators by load music being played underwater – and so far they prefer the music of rock band AC/DC over anything else!

So says Matt Waller of Adventure Bay Charters anyway. He told Adelaide Now that he started experimenting with music as an alternative to using chummed fish pieces to attract the sharks. He explained that it's actually the range of frequency, rather than the music or the lyrics that brings in the sharks, adding that AC/DC's high decibel, low frequency sound seems to be ideal.

"We know that AC/DC music works best by trial-and-error, and we are doing more research to see what works best with different species of sharks," Waller said. "Quite often we can see the sharks on the surface, but most of the time our guests want to get in the cage and see them up close.

"I've seen the sharks rub their faces on the cage where the sound is coming from as if to feel it."

Some of the songs are more popular than others apparently, including If You Want Blood and You Shook Me All Night Long, because of their low frequencies.

Wonder how the sharks feel about the song Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution…?

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