Got $2.95m to spend? Fancy a bathtub with its own aquarium?


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If the answer to both of these is 'yes' you might be interested in a house that's up for sale in Hollywood Hills, belonging to American hip hop artist Kanye West.

The computer-controlled three-bedroom mansion features a 250-gal. floor-to-celing aquarium at the end of the bathtub opposite the shower. The tank is filled with Orandas and Black moor goldfish.

The house originally went on the market for $3.3m/£2.03m. In early summer the price was dropped to $3,150,000/£1.94m — and at the end of September it was reduced again, making it a snip at $2.95m/£1.82m

The 36-year-old celeb bought the house back in 2003 for $1,750,000/£1,077,000.

You can see a photo of the interior — including the aquarium — at Radar Online.

West is known for his fondness of fish. After the success of his debut album The College Dropout, which was released in 2004, he purchased an 18th-century aquarium which he stocked with Koi. The tank featured a cherub-shaped gold fountain on a marble base at its centre.

Of course, if you don't have $2.95m to splash out on a house with an aquarium, you could always have a tank built — or even just buy one. It would work out much cheaper.

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