Goldfish survive 134 days without food or power


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Two goldfish have survived for 134 days without food or electricity to power their aquarium filter.

The goldfish, named Shaggy and Daphne after characters in the popular cartoon TV series Scooby Doo, were in a 100 l/22 gal tank in the reception area at Quantum Chartered Accountants in Christchurch when the New Zealand earthquake struck, killing over 180 people.

When Quantum staff were finally allowed back into the building this month, the two fish were discovered alive and swimming in their aquarium. It's thought that they may have survived by eating algae.

Apparently three other goldfish that were in the same aquarium vanished without trace, however...

PFK reported earlier in the year on another goldfish called Stephen which at the time was thought to be the world's luckiest goldfish after spending three weeks home alone following the earthquake.

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