Goldfish rescued from M1 crash


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A goldfish was thrown from a car in a horrific motorway smash, then spent 15 minutes lying in the fast lane - and survived.

The 23-year-old driver was travelling on the M1 near Lutterworth, Leics., when the car crashed and overturned.

As paramedics treated the driver for neck and arm injuries, police spotted a fishtank in the footwell and saw that the inside of the car was soaked and strewn with coloured gravel.

A search of the car found nothing, but when officers started sweeping the motorway of glass and debris, they found a small goldfish in the third lane.

The paramedics gave the officers a cardboard tray and some water - and the fish, four-year-old Bercy, immediately started swimming.

The driver and fish have now fully recovered from their ordeal.