Goldfish races back by popular demand


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Weekly goldfish racing is back at a bar in Tacoma, Washington.

After announcing just over a week ago that it had cancelled its weekly goldfish race nights following complaints from animal right group PETA, the Harmon Tap Room has now decided to re-instate them.

The races, which involve putting 10-cent feeder goldfish into long troughs and 'helping' them on their way to the finish line by squirting water at them or blowing air through a straw, were described as cruel by PETA.

But due to customer demand, owner Pat Nagle has announced that he's bringing back the weekly goldfish race night, although there will be some new rules.

He told Seattle Weekly: "The fish will only be allowed to be handled by our handler, and we won't be using the squirt guns any more. People will be allowed to use straws to blow air to scoot them down the tracks. Basically, we're just saying 'hey, we weren't really doing anything wrong in the first place, but we're gonna change things and make sure all the fish are taken care of.' I can sleep peacefully knowing that no little fishies are being treated badly."