GLEE: Juwel launches marine Lido aquarium


Juwel has launched its first aquarium aimed specifically at tropical marine fishkeepers.

The Juwel Lido Marine has been developed in collaboration with Aquarium Systems and Underworld and consists of a modified Lido aquarium and a selection of additional equipment and accessories.

The rear flap on the canopy of the aquarium has been cut out to neatly fit around the Aquarium Systems Skimm 400 protein skimmer attached to the rear of the tank, which is powered by an internal Maxi Jet PH powerhead water pump.

The tank also includes a handy bucket containing Instant Ocean marine salt, a hydrometer, Reef Evolution Biodegrader, Reef Evolution Reef Tonic 1 and 2, Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies food and a Sea Veggies clip.

Juwel has replaced the standard lighting with Marine White and Marine Blue lamps, which are better suited to saltwater aquariums, but the filter is the standard Juwel model.

This now includes new media, which was first announced at the Interzoo trade show earlier this year.

Juwel praised the work of Underworld in producing "very good instructions", which they said they'd followed and had managed to easily set up an effective tank supporting a healthy amount of livestock.

Juwel said that owners are recommended to decorate their aquarium using live rock, which helps to create an additional natural form of filtration.

The tank comes in Dark Wood colour only and is available from Juwel stockists now for 399.99 including the aquarium, cabinet and equipment. The aquarium itself measures 55 x 41 x 73 cm.

While Juwel tanks have been frequently used by marine fishkeepers, the tanks have been specifically designed for freshwater use, which has meant that owners have had to adapt their aquarium with a hacksaw to fit additional equipment. The Lido is Juwel's first aquarium designed specifically for marine use.