GLEE: Casco AquaFX LED lighting gets UK launch


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Casco has launched its new AquaFX programmable LED lighting at the GLEE trade show in Birmingham.

The AquaFX lighting, which was first showed off at the Interzoo trade show in Germany earlier this year, was originally available only on Casco's shop systems, but is now available in a product aimed specifically at the consumer. (See Interzoo: Casco to launch AquaFX LED lighting, News, June 17, 2008.)

The AquaFX 500 lighting tube is around 45cm/18" in length and is of similar proportions to a fluorescent tube.

Inside, you'll find nine LEDs: five of these are high power white LEDs, while the other four are RGB (red/green/blue) clusters that allow you to change the colour of the light produced.

The unit is powered by a 48V power supply and uses far less electricity than conventional lighting. The power supply also includes a control panel for adjusting the lighting and an infra-red receiver for the supplied remote control.

This remote allows you to use a range of settings to change the appearance of the light, ranging from natural lighting effects such as sunrise, sunset and moonlight through to gharish cycles of colours of the user's choice.

Each AquaFX 500 kit comes with a single tube, but the controller allows you to add an extra lighting tube, which are available to purchase from Casco.

The AquaFX 500 comes with the remote control and retails for 179.99. You can see a video of the AquaFX in action here.

Practical Fishkeeping currently has an AquaFX 500 unit to review, so keep an eye on the website and in the magazine for the full details.