Get famous the PFK way!


Editor's Picks

Calling all aquarists, fish house owners, breeders and biotopers! PFK is on the prowl for real world aquaria to visit and feature in the magazine.

We’re after the creative, the obsessed, the unconventional and the different to inspire our readers and show the extremes and pleasantries of fishkeeping.

If you have a set up that you’re particularly proud of, or a project in a fish room, or anything that you think the fishkeeping world would be genuinely interested in, then we want to hear from you. Freshwater, brackish, marine, paludarium, indoor pond, whatever – if it has fish in it, then it’s fair game and we want to see it.

If you think you have something of interest, please drop us a line and a picture or two of what you have. If you’ve followed previous issues, you’ll see the kind of thing we like, where we’ve been to see Julian Dignall’s catfish, Mats Petersson’s cats and cichlids, Mike Bonnick’s Malawis, Gary Nelson’s aquascape, Eduard Gercog’s shrimps, and many others besides.

The only thing we’re not really looking for at this time is planted aquascapes. It’s not that we don’t like them (we love them!) but that we have so many offered to us already.

Please forward any details to either [email protected], or [email protected], and we’ll let you know if we’re interested.

Being featured involves a visit from either Nathan or Jeremy, and Neil Hepworth, our professional photographer who will help immortalise your set up on our pages. There are plenty of tank set-ups on forums and websites, yes, but there’s something traditionally delightful about having your aquaria and fish in a print magazine that you can hold in your hands.

Get on it, guys and girls, and share your pride and joy with the fishkeeping world!