Get closer to marine life in the 'sharkchute'


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A water slide that takes swimmers through the middle of a tank full of tropical sharks and rays is the star attraction at a US hotel.

Pool users at The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada can ride the 'sharkchute', a three-storey high water slide made from 10cm/4" thick acrylic, which allows swimmers to hurtle through a 5.5m/18' deep, 200,000 gal. marine tank on their way down to the main pool.

The tank is home to over 300 fish which include stingrays, groupers, Jacks and Trevally all living alongside five species of shark including Sand-tiger (Carcharias taurus), Sandbar (Carcharhinus plumbeus) and Black-tip reef (Carcharhinus melanopterus).


The shark aquarium is situated in the middle of the hotel's outdoor $30m pool area, a heated, year-round leisure complex that is itself named 'the tank' and allows guests to view the fish in safety while either enjoying a swim, relaxing with a drink poolside or playing on the gaming tables.

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