General public also feel strongly about goldfish


This site recently reported that the Government rejected a petition asking them to make it illegal to give fish as prizes.

The petition was set up by Practical Fishkeeping reader Kirsty Stewart and ran on the 10 Downing Street e-petitions website, collecting 721 signatures by the closing date.

The Government said the support "did not justify ending the great pleasure felt by children and their families when they win a pet as a prize."

We have not let this rest. An unofficial poll conducted on the Toluna opinion website by PFK has shown that the general public strongly oppose the giving of goldfish as prizes at funfairs.

Over 270 people voted and 56% (153) voted No it's cruel to the fish with a further 11% (32) saying that it gave fuel to the arguments of anti pet groups.

However 22% (62) felt that people liked getting a fish and 9% (26) that it got people interested in proper fishkeeping.

Those voting on Toluna are overwhelmingly female - 71% on this poll - and more than half are 35 or older.

In 2005 in a poll of visitors to the Practical Fishkeeping site " overwhelmingly fishkeepers " 1193 votes felt that the government was wrong to back down on changes to the law allowing the giving of goldfish as prizes representing 88% of the votes.

Some 116 of the voters felt that the prizes were only goldfish.

There s no great difference in the strength of feeling between fishkeepers and the general public - and no sign that this subject is any less emotive in recent years.