Fundraising event at Charterhouse Aquatics


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London-based Charterhouse Aquatics is hosting a special fundraising event in November in support of Project Coral.

This pioneering marine research project is being led by the Horniman Museum and Gardens in South London. In 2013, the Horniman Aquarium became the first institution in the world to purposely reproduce broadcast coral in captivity. This significant achievement led to Project Coral, an innovative coral sexual reproductive research project with the aim of saving endangered corals, secure the world’s coral reefs, further sustainability of the trade in corals, and train conservationsists.  
The fundraising event takes place at Charterhouse Aquatics on Saturday, November 14, from 11am–5pm, featuring talks from Jamie Craggs, Aquarium Curator at the Horniman, about the aquarium’s ground-breaking research, at 2pm and 4pm. 
There will also be the opportunity to see the store’s new Project Coral display tank and to buy your own piece of coral in support of the project.
There will also be a raffle and refreshments will be available throughout the day.
Charterhouse Aquatics is based at Arches, 300-331 Stean Street, London E8 4ED.
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