Free gear available to needy fishkeeper


Free gear available to needy fishkeeper


Practical Fishkeeping reader Darren Anderson recently contacted the PFK office to see if we'd like some extra fishkeeping equipment he has going spare.

Says Darren: "This is a genuine offer. Without your magazine's expert advice I would have lost far more fish than I did when I first started.

"The reason I'm giving the gear away is that I now have a huge tank and could not use this stuff with it, as it would have been too small."

Fortunately, we're in the excellent position of having more equipment than we really know what to do with, so we've suggested that he instead donate it to a needy reader, or conservation project.

The equipment Darren is very kindly donating includes: a full Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dosing system, complete with diffuser, regulator, hoses and a full bottle of gas; a 150W heater cable, and a new and unused VisiLux light unit.

Darren lives in the south of England. The lucky recipient will need to collect the equipment from Darren themselves or pay for the postage and packing costs.

If you think you could put this equipment to good use, please send an email to PFK's Website Editor, Matt Clarke, on [email protected] with your reasons and we'll pass your details on to Darren.