FREE Arc-Pod or Ario Color


Take out an annual subscription to Practical Fishkeeping this month and you can get yourself either an Arcadia Arc-Pod light or a Hydor Ario Color 2 air diffuser.

The Arcadia Arc-Pod 9w fluorescent light is worth 25.49 and is designed for use on small aquariums, nano tanks and refugiums. This watertight light unit has a built-in reflector, a clamp to fix it to the aquarium and a built-in switch.

The Hydor Ario Color 2 is a unique air diffuser which works using the venturi principle, so it's much quieter than most vibratory air pumps. This model is fitted with four bright blue LED lamps and can be buried in the substrate to provide an unusual nighttime lighting effect. It sells for 26.99.

To see the Ario Color 2 in action, play the movie below.

Offer closes on December 31, 2006, or until stocks are exhausted. Subscribe now.