Former Aqua Medic man starts new company


Aqua Mart UK is a new company started up by Phil Jones, formerly of Aqua Medic Ltd.

With 20 years experience in the aquatics trade, Phil says that he understands the retailer s needs for high quality innovative products in a difficult economic climate, hopefully passing this on to the hobbyist.

The aim of Aqua Mart UK is to bring in quality dry goods and livestock from around the globe.

Products will include Reef Shots, a live phytoplankton which is formulated and cultured in the UK, and livestock from suppliers like Patrick Yap of Aquaculture Technologies PTE Ltd, in Singapore.

Exciting fish

AquaMart emailed some examples of fish coming in along with some comments from Aquaculture. Interesting imports include: "Red, yellow and blue "Melanzona guppies" in pairs, Jet black and Albino golden head angelfish as well as the Galaxy cichlid, Paratilapia Polleni."

"From Borneo, new arrivals include the Red fin silver shark and also the Zebra betta, Betta patoti."

"From Timor, Candy Snails have arrived and from Bali, new arrivals include stock of the Balinese Neritina algae eating snails."

New rainbows

"Finally we managed to bring in the 2 new Australian rainbow fishes, the Blue meteorite rainbow and the Yellow pajama rainbow after a series of missed flights and difficult logistics."

"We will have on offer also in the stocklist for this coming summer KHV " Free Koi which has been fully checked and inspected by AVA in Singapore and quarantined for 2 months."

"Our Colisa lalia are now super good. We have expanded our fish house now by another 500 tanks to stock more Colisa lalia and I check all fishes by myself," said Patrick.

"Our extended storage capacity means we have in stock at any one time in our facilites an amazing 60,000 Colisa lalia of all the four colour forms."