Fluval Bug Bites


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Swimming  towards  sustainability - In wake of the ongoing fight against climate change, Fluval continue to be frontrunners in the market for sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives for fish food.

Striving for sustainable solutions

Several years ago, Fluval noticed a gap in the market for a fish food that would challenge outdated and unsustainable production processes and began to work on a formula that would offer a greener, cleaner fish food to the fish-keeping community.

To undertake this task, Fluval teamed up with forward-thinking organisations devoted to eliminating food waste and nutrient shortage through the creation of renewable food for animals and plants. 

The result: Fluval Bug Bites — a brand new line of fish food which boasts Black Soldier Fly larvae as the number one ingredient. 

The journey so far

Labelled as “the aquatic food of the future”, Fluval Bug Bites first splashed into the fish food market in 2017 with a selection of pellets and granules in species-specific formulas, all of which were received positively by consumers and, perhaps more importantly, the fish that ate them! 

In 2019, due to popular demand, Fluval released Bug Bites as a flake, available in a variety of formulations for health, colour and vitality.

Perfecting the process for the planet

Sustainability is at the heart of Fluval Bug Bites, and it’s the innovative, eco-friendly production process that sets this high-quality fish food apart from the rest. 

The number one ingredient in Bug Bites is Black Soldier Fly larvae which is widely considered as an ‘insect super food’ – a nutrient-rich protein source. Insects are part of a fish’s natural diet and are a great source of Omega 3 and 6, are high in protein, host an excellent amino acid profile and they taste great too! 

Insect protein is becoming increasingly popular across the world, not just in animal feed but for humans too. The term ‘insect protein powder’ has seen a 49% increase in Google searches since 2014!

Fluval’s state-of-the-art facilities allows these wonderful creatures to conduct this goal in a safe, clean and protected environment, ensuring the quality and health of their larvae is as great as possible. Due to not having mouths, the Black Soldier Fly larvae do not carry diseases, making them a very clean and safe source of protein. 

The larvae are grown under controlled conditions and are raised on unconsumed, human-grade fruits and vegetables recovered from the human food chain. These fruits and vegetables would otherwise be left to decompose in landfill sites, releasing methane into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming — it is recognised that around 6%-8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are as a direct result of wasted food. Fluval plays its part in greener future by collecting fruit and vegetables before they end up in landfill, using them to create a high-quality fish food instead. 

The larvae consume the fruit and vegetables, converting the nutrients into protein and good fats. After a 14-day feeding cycle, the larvae are harvested and dried into a highly nutritious flour, ready for Bug Bites production. 

More than meets the eye

Despite Black Soldier Fly larvae being the number one ingredient in Bug Bites, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to ensure maximum palatability and nutritional benefits.

Fluval source ingredients locally and have them delivered immediately before production resulting in Bug Bites being as fresh as it possibly can be. 

The dried larvae flour is first mixed with high-quality salmon protein and essential amino acids and minerals. Other main ingredients include peas, which are a natural carbohydrate, fibre and protein source, potato for carbohydrate and natural binding properties, and wheat which provides better nutrition than wheat flour and wheat gluten. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the formulas are extruded into granules, pellets, stick and flakes, packaged as soon as possible for maximum freshness and are shipped out ready for consumption. 

As the ingredients are prepared in small batches within Fluval’s own facility, there is complete control and quality assurance.

The outcome of this unique production process is a delicious, healthy recipe that fish simply cannot get enough of! 

Why choose Bug Bites? 

Being highly palatable and comprised of clean ingredients, with no added artificial fillers, colours or preservatives, Bug Bites are easily digested, resulting in less waste and therefore a cleaner aquarium. 

The benefits of Bug Bites go way beyond being simply a tasty food for your fish. The presence of Omega 3 and 6 contributes to heathier skin, fins and scales which promotes vibrant colours, and the powerful mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients builds a complete, balanced diet that keeps your fish happy and healthy. 

Over the last four years since launching in 2017, Bug Bites have become widely recognised as a quality, established fish food, winning numerous awards including being voted Aquatic Product of the Year by UK aquatic retailers!

So now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about! Try the flake sample included on this magazine with your own fish and experience feeding a premium food that’s not only great for them but healthier for the planet!

Fluval Bug Bites are available in most good aquatic retailers. For more information visit fluvalaquatics.com