Fluorescent angelfish at Taiwan show


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These genetically modified fluorescent pink angelfish will be on show at an aquarium exhibition in Taiwan.

The fish were unveiled alongside similarly coloured Convict cichlids at the 2012 Taiwan International Aquarium Expo.

According to the organisers, these are the world's first pink fluorescent angelfish and they can be viewed without using a blacklight (UV) lamp. They were created through a joint project between Taiwan's Academia Sinica, National Taiwan Ocean University and Jy Lin, a private biotechnology company.

The fluorescent Medaka (Oryzias latipes) has been authorised for sale in Taiwan as an aquarium fish since 2003.

GM fish are illegal to sell or import into the UK due to our legislation covering genetically modified organisms.

The 2012 Taiwan International Aquarium Expo will be held at Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall from November 9 to 12.

Check out the '200 year old' plec that's also on display at the show.

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