Fishkeeping comes to Nintendo DS


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Mercury Games is to release two new fishkeeping games for the Nintendo DS handheld games console.

The new simulation games Aquarium by DS and Fantasy Aquarium by DS will be available on the Nintendo DS, providing an alternative, virtual, way of keeping fish.

A range of over 30 common aquarium fish will be available to care for on Aquarium by DS " including angelfish, clownfish, guppies and Neon tetras.

However, should you fancy keeping something more unusual, there will be some more alternative choices on Fantasy Aquarium by DS. Dolphins, penguins, Blue whales and sharks will be among the 30+ species available on this game.

Just as with an actual aquarium, parameters such as aquarium size, water temperature and salinity will need to be adjusted and maintained for the chosen species. Tanks will be fully customisable with plants, dcor and backgrounds, and, using WiFi, it will be possible to swap your fish with other users.

Players will be required to feed their fish, clean their tanks, select suitable tankmates and maintain the proper water conditions. Get it right, and extra fish and tank dcor can be unlocked. Get it wrong, or neglect the game, and " as in an actual aquarium " the fish may perish.

The games will each carry an SRP of 19.99.