Fishkeeper told pond poses safety risk - to burglars!


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A pondkeeper in Oxfordshire has been told that he has to demolish his garden pond because burglars climbing over the fence could fall into it.

Kevin Sheehan, who lives in Abingdon, is currently extending the pond in his back garden, so his 80-odd fish, including Koi and goldfish, are being housed in a temporary pool at the bottom of his garden. 

Mr Sheehan’s pond has a wall made from concrete blocks, which he says he is increasing in height by two blocks to prevent his one-year-old daughter, Olivia, falling in. The garden is surrounded by a 6ft fence on all sides.

Now Sovereign Housing has told Mr Sheehan that he has three weeks to remove both ponds, reports 

Oxford Mail

. He claims Sovereign told him that if someone breaks into his back garden there is a 'possible risk' that they could fall into the larger pond because they will be unable to see it due to the height of the fence, and that the smaller pond 'could impact on the safety of the residents or general public'.

Mr Sheehan says he has had the pond in his garden at Saxton Road for 15 years and there’s never been a problem until now. He has no idea what he’s supposed to do with his fish.

Debbie Down, spokeswoman for Sovereign, said: "We don't want to prevent anyone enjoying hobbies which may include fishkeeping in a garden pond, but as the landlord we ask residents to get our permission if they intend running a business from their home or building a permanent structure." She did not confirm whether any other residents in the street had been asked to remove their garden ponds.

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