Fisherman hooks Pacu in Paris


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A fisherman has caught a 30cm/12"-long Pacu in the River Seine in Paris, sparking yet more media frenzy.

Pacu hit the headlines last month when a 20cm/8" specimen turned up in Scandinavian waters, in the strait of Oresund, which separates Denmark and Sweden. This discovery led to panic among bathers due to the Pacu's somewhat over-stated reputation of munching on testicles, with men being warned to keep their swimming trunks well-tied amid reports of a Pacu 'invasion'.

There have been unconfirmed reports of fishermen having their testicles bitten off by these fish in their native South America.

This latest Pacu was reeled in on Friday morning. It's thought to have been released in the Seine by a fishkeeper after it grew too big for its aquarium.

Pacu may live 20 years or more and can grow to over one metre/40" in length. They're mainly vegetarian and also eat nuts, which they crack with their powerful jaws. Perhaps that nut-cracking habit has led to some confusion somewhere…

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