Fish stolen from public aquarium


Thieves broke into Waikiki Aquarium and stole 15 Pacific threadfin from an outdoor tank.

According to the report on KITV, the thieves broke in after closing time, cut a hole in the tank's netting and caught the fish (known locally as 'moi') using their own net. Two dead fish were left on the ground at the scene. 
The Pacific threadfin (Polydactylus sexfilis) is found only in Hawaiian waters. At one time it was a fish that was reserved only for royalty to eat.
The stolen fish were all adults and were donated to the aquarium several years ago, after being used for breeding. It's thought that they have been stolen to end up on dinner plates, rather than for another aquarium.
Waikiki Aquarium Director Andrew Rossiter said he would not recommend eating the fish as they would probably have been treated with hormones and medication in the past.
The stolen fish were also tagged. The loss is estimated to be around $1,500. 
Anyone with information about the theft has been asked to call the Honolulu Police Department.
The Waikiki Aquarium was targeted by thieves a few years ago when seven baby giant clams were stolen. On that occasion the clams were returned unharmed to the aquarium about a week after they were taken.
Unfortunately, things don't look so good for the moi.