Fish rescued from abandoned aquatic shop


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More than 100 fish had to be rescued from a US aquatic shop last Friday after concerned members of the public contacted police.

Almost a dozen officers from Corpus Christi Police Department and Animal Care Services teamed up with experts from Texas State Aquarium and the Rockport Aquarium to rescue the fish, along with marine invertebrates and corals, which had been left at the Aquarium Masters store at Corpus Christi, Texas, in filthy tanks without power.

The store's owner, Eric Wayne Kite, had been arrested a week ago on charges of harassment and then arrested again last Wednesday for stalking, reports His arrests had left the fish unattended in the store.

The rescued livestock, which includes marine sharks, puffers and sea stars, have been transferred to Texas State Aquarium and the Aquarium at Rockport Harbor.

It's unclear whether the owners of the Aquarium Masters store will now face charges of neglect. 

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