Fish play in their own World Cup!


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World cup fever seems to have taken hold of everyone at the moment and fish are no exception.

An aquarium in Japan has held their own World cup using fish to represent the teams and a football made of shrimp.

The first match at Aqua World aquarium was held between Japan - represented by a team of Blue tangs and Holland – played by orange anthias. The game started off with both teams on the offensive with Holland refusing to even touch the ball, but the match was eventually won by some quick finwork on the behalf of Japan to give a final score of Japan 1- Holland -0.

A spectator said: "I want the real Japanese team and the fish Japanese team to play well - both of them."

We will have to wait until Saturday 19th June when the Group E match really takes place to see if this match was an omen or just a 'fishy tail' (groan, sorry!).