Fish in Bristol lake saved from cull


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The row between locals and officials at Henleaze Swimming Lake in Bristol, over the cull of 50 carp, looks to have been settled amicably.

The annual cull of the fish was due to begin earlier this week, but officials arrived on Tuesday to find the entry gates to the lake superglued and padlocked shut.

According to a report by the Bristol Post, a specialist firm in Lincolnshire has offered to take the carp to the Mainstream Fisheries headquarters in Lincolnshire where the fish can be treated for a category 2 parasite they are carrying. Henleaze Lake Swimming Club had been unable to move the fish from the lake while they were carrying the parasite, so had decided to cull the carp instead, leading to angry protests by anglers and locals.

Mainstream Fisheries is the only Environment Agency approved facility for the treatment of category 2 fish parasites in the UK and once the fish have been treated they will be moved to new homes elsewhere.