Fish blamed for cholera outbreak


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An outbreak of cholera in the Ukraine has been blamed on a diet of fish, fed on poo.

The outbreak, which so far has affected 14 people, began at the seaside resort of Mariupol on the Azov Sea after fish were caught from sewage infected water and served up to tourists at local restaurants.

Mariupol, like many cities in the former Soviet Union, releases much of its liquid sewage more or less untreated into an adjacent body of water.

Fishing is generally banned nearby, but Ukrainian anglers often ignore the "no fishing" signs.

Health officials suspect that it is most likely that the victims were fed goby and carp, both of which are considered delicacies in the region. Both fish are known bottom feeders with the Monkey goby, Neogobius fluviatilis, (pictured above) playing an important part in minor commercial fisheries in the Azov Sea.

All 14 people are thought to have either made or are expected to make a full recovery while officials have banned any export of fish caught in the region.

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