Fin whales spotted off Welsh coast


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A week after 2000 dolphins were seen, a pod of six Fin whales has been spotted off the Welsh coast.

According to reports from icWales and the BBC, the Fin whales, which are the second largest animal on the planet, represent the biggest group ever seen in the UK.

The six Fin whales were accompanied by a pod of seven Minke whales and to common dolphins are were seen in the Irish Sea off the coast of Pembrokeshire in south west Wales.

The whales and dolphins have entered the sheltered waters here to feed on the massive number of mackeral, herring and planktonic organisms present in the Irish Sea at the moment.

The sightings come less than a week after a so-called superpod of dolphins was spotted earlier in the Pembrokeshire area.

Conservationists say the spectacle is both rare and amazing.

Dr Peter Evans told icWales: "It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it before and I have been working on whales and dolphins for 35 years.

"You would think that because I have spent so many years doing this work that I would be so blase but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

"There was a mixture of big and small Fin whales. There was one about 50-55 foot long and one a bit smaller."