Festival of Fishkeeping returns to Weston-super-Mare


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The Festival of Fishkeeping will return to one of its former haunts at Weston-super-Mare this year.

The 2011 event takes place from October 28-30 at Sand Bay Leisure Resort.
Fishkeepers with long enough memories will remember the hugely successful string of Festivals organised by the Federation of British Aquatic Societies over the years, reaching from the inaugural Show at Brighton Corn Exchange, via Sand bay, Bracklesham Bay, Hayling Island. The common feature of all of these was a steady progression in size and improved attractions every year.

“2011 will be slightly different, for some obvious reasons," says organiser Joe Nethersell, who is also the FBAS Chairman. "The event at Sand Bay will require more exact planning to get the most out of the smaller space available to us but we will be offering a definite upgrade in style as all the exhibition areas will be covered floors.”

“You will see that we have the same three main sponsors this year and we are delighted that Aquajardin will be bringing their superbly-furnished aquariums with them again together with their imaginatively stocked display area.”

The popular Furnished Aquarium competitions will be back – the Society-based event will again be public-voted for each day’s winner while the Individual Resident’s competition will be judged by a trio of experts.

Joe adds a note of caution: “An extra complication for this year is that the weekend will be shared by other residents at the venue, so it is vitally important that fishkeepers intending to attend this year’s Festival reserve their accommodation as soon as possible as beds are limited.”

Please contact Grace Nethersell on 020 88473586 for details or download a booking form from the FBAS website.