Feed your fish - even when you’re not at home!


Feed your fish - even when you’re not at home!

When it comes to keeping fish, maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet is vital to good health and wellbeing.That’s why Tetra has now added the myFeeder, a new automatic feeder, to its range of products. 

The new myFeeder uses unique technology to maintain food quality by protecting it against light, air and moisture, ensuring that food stays fresh and retains nutrients and consistency for several weeks. This means the myFeeder is also the ideal product for fishkeepers who sometimes work away, or are planning a holiday.

Complete with a 100ml food compartment and transparent window, you can easily check the food levels to make sure that it’s not running low. This also makes refilling quick and easy, making sure that fish have sufficient food levels if they’re being left for a few days.

Using the digital display, you can set the feeder to feed your fish up to three times a day. Manual feeding is also possible, and for those wanting to offer a varied diet, TetraMin Flakes, Crisps and Granules can be added alone or mixed together.

The new automatic feeder can be fitted onto any aquarium, either directly on the glass using the flexible mounting clamp or on the top of the aquarium lid using the four rubber, individually adjustable support feet that also keep the feeder secured on uneven surfaces.

Key features of Tetra’s new myFeeder

  • Unique technology maintains food quality, protecting it against light, air and moisture, for long lasting freshness.
  • 100ml food compartment and transparent window for quick and easy refilling.
  • Digital display for simple scheduling.
  • Rubber feet and flexible clamp for easy fitting.

The Tetra myFeeder, which comes with two high-quality Varta batteries, has an RRP of £39.99*.

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*Any reference to pricing is purely indicative; retail pricing is entirely at the retailer’s discretion