Fancy goldfish of excellence sale Sunday October 23


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Leading fancy goldfish supplier Star Fisheries is having an open day for the public in October.

What is said to be the largest selection of fancy goldfish in the UK is now bigger than ever following buying trips to China, Thailand, Japan and from top breeders in the UK.

Fish range from small sizes to Jumbo with many new varieties, some of which have never been offered in the UK before.

From China come new Black & White Ryukin. High quality fish such as Ryukin, Oranda, Butterflies, Ranchu, and Lionheads. All varieties in all sizes and colours. Also Black and White Bubbleyes and Redcap Panda for the first time.

From Thailand come Black Ranchu, Black Lionheads, Black Oranda, Black Broadtail Moors and many more.

From the UK come recent winners and placed fish available from the latest Goldfish Society of Great Britain (GSGB) show in September.

All Japan Ranchu Association show winner

A definite scoop for Star this year are the newly available Japanese goldfish varieties - fish that never usually leave Japan. The biggest fish in Japan is the ranchu, viewed from above and attracting an audience of thousands each year at their annual show.

Star is holding stocks of Japanese ranchu including fish from one of the world's top breeders, Kazuo Suzuki.

Other Japanese varieties imported include Jikin, Tosakin, Sakura Nishiki, Nankin, Calico Tosakin, Tsugaru Nishiki, Osaka Ranchu, Tokai Nishiki, Sabao, and Albino Fancy Goldfish.

Ranchu from the British chapter of Jinchu-kai are also available, bred by top breeder Andrew James.