Fancy goldfish bonanza at Star Fisheries


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Its fancy goldfish autumn harvest time and Star fisheries are gearing up for their largest ever selection of fish

Autumn is when the fancy goldfish fraternity have their fish shows, showing off the best of this year's fish. Its also the time when the best fancy goldfish are for sale.

The first open day of Star's Fancy season is on Sunday October 20th from 10.00-3.00 plenty of free parking.
Star Fisheries told PFK that they have increased and changed all their facilities recently so that they can hold and display more fish.
Truly spectacular fish of all sizes are promised to be available for purchase on the day

From China

The new "Oranchu", an Oranda/Ranchu cross, is making it's first time visit to the UK. Short and long tail Ryukin, all colours, including some very nice one-off colours, Orandas all colours, Pom pons, Celestials, Bubbleyes including "Panda" Black +White Bubbleyes, Lionheads, Panda oranda, Panada butterfly, Tri colour ryukin and Tri colour butterfly, Wakin, Moors all colours, Telescopes all colours, Golf ball pearlscales, Crown pearlscale, Bubblehead pearlscale, Butterflies, all colours, Fantails all colours, Ranchu all colours including Chocolate, Metallic Blue Ranchu and much more.

From UK

Bristol and London Shubunkin, Calico veiltail, Red veiltail, Yellow and Yellow/Black short tail goldfish, Broadtail moors, plus others.
From Japan

Top view ranchu from three famous breeders including Kazuo Suzuki, also Nankin,Tokai nishiki,Osaka Ranchu, Ryukin, Hamanishiki, Tosakin, and Jikin.
From Thailand

Black ranchu,Black oranda, Different colour orandas, ranchu,
Specialist UK bred

Award winning top quality ranchu from Jin Chu Kai, Bred by Andrew James, who Star rates as probably the best breeder of Ranchu in Europe.

The Star Fisheries website went down for a period recently so any general enquiries about the fish or Open Day please contact
[email protected] or call on 0208 915 0455