Falmouth Aquarium closes its doors


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Falmouth Aquarium in Cornwall has closed to the public, only weeks after re-opening following refurbishment and new branding.

The following statement appeared on the Aquarium's Facebook page: "After two years of active community engagement and marine life education, the Falmouth Aquarium is closed to the public due to lack of substantial grant funding to support the charity. The decision to close the Aquarium came after months of discussions with other Aquariums and attractions, and has been very hard because the Aquarium began as an incredible vision to promote marine life and help others fall in love with the oceans — to impress upon the public the importance of marine conservation.

"Conservation-led attractions and heritage museums work very hard to engage with the public in order to promote education and awareness.

"If you supported the Falmouth Aquarium and enjoyed its activities, please continue to support your local conservation led attractions and heritage museums, like the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, the National Lobster Hatchery and the Plymouth National Marine Aquarium, as they do incredible work."

Falmouth Aquarium re-opened in July following refurbishment, which included the installation of several new attractions.

Fish and other exhibits, along with items of equipment, have been donated to a number of other public aquariums.

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