Exclusive: TMC launches new 90cm Signature Aquarium Set


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Fresh off the back of its exceptionally well received Signature aquarium range, Tropical Marine Centre keeps up momentum with a new 90 x 45 x 45cm model.

Like the Signature range of drilled Optiwhite aquariums? Want a bigger one? Well now you can have one as PFK can exclusively reveal there is going to be a three foot aquarium, cabinet and sump set released soon.

The tank includes all of the features enjoyed by the current Signature range of aquariums including OptiWhite, low iron, 8mm glass and rimless, braceless design.

The 90cm Signature Aquarium Set comes with clear silicone this time (black in smaller models,) and the cabinet continues on the minimalist theme with soft close handle-less doors, and available in Charcoal black or Glacier White.

Inside the cabinet is a spacious yet space saving 80 x 38 x 35cm five-chamber sump which includes freshwater reservoir and offers much versatility for those who want bespoke equipment choice or those who like to tinker.

The main display tank comes drilled in the rear top corners and the set includes inlets, outlet, silicone sealant and flexible pipework.

PFK estimates gross volume to be around 250 l/55 gal, main display and sump tank combined, and at an RRP of just £599 and limitless equipment options (not included,) it may just make the Red Sea Max 250 potential buyers look twice.

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