Exclusive preview: Fluval Edge


Rolf C Hagen is to launch a new lifestyle aquarium called the Fluval Edge, Practical Fishkeeping can exclusively reveal.

The Edge is a rectangular glass aquarium with a twist - it sits on a small desktop plinth and conceals the equipment and lighting inside a box which sits above and behind the tank.

The tank is aimed at the lifestyle market, currently dominated by Reef One's biOrb, biUbe and Life ranges of aquariums.

Hagen says: "The Fluval Edge aquarium has been designed for today's lifestyle with a contoured casing module and a six-sided glass tank. Whether in an ultra modern or more traditional setting this versatile aquarium adds the 'designer' look to almost any room in the home."

Unusually, the 23 litre tank has a partially-sealed lid, and access is obtained via a small port beneath the lighting box, which houses two low voltage halogen lamps. The aquarium is designed to be filled to the brim, so the water touches the top glass.

"Positioned at a lower level, the sealed glass top ensures this stunning effect can be viewed from above, unhindered by equipment or trailing wires."

The "equipment module" on the rear houses a three-stage filtration system, including an internal filter with mechanical, chemical and biological section. The heater is an optional extra.

Hagen added: "We make it clear in their set up instructions and literature that selecting suitable types of fish and ensuring the quantity chosen does not exceed the 23 litre capacity is essential.

"Edge friendly species include: Betta splendens, White cloud mountain minnows, barbs, danios, goldfish, Crystal red shrimps and snails.

"Directions advise allowing a minimum of 3 litres of water for every 1 cm of fish, excluding the tail and that fish are usually sold as juveniles, so you will need to allow some extra space for your fish to grow."

Practical Fishkeeping believes the system is too small as a long-term home for goldfish and cannot recommend its continued use for these fishes.

A small range of Edge accessories is available, including specific tools to aid cleaning the aquarium, including a gravel cleaner, algae magnet and a specially shaped net "to ensure it is easy to keep the Edge in pristine condition."

The first units are due to arrive at independent aquarium retail stores on the week commencing April 6 2009.

Recommended retail price is 119.99.

To find out what we think of the Fluval Edge, make sure you check out detailed review in the June issue of Practical Fishkeeping.