Evolution Aqua to distribute Kessil lighting


Evolution Aqua has announced that it is to be the exclusive distributor of Kessil LED aquarium lighting for the UK.

Evolution Aqua began its distribution on October 1 with the launch of two new Kessil products: the new, dual-controllable A160WE in both marine and freshwater specific spectrums, and the Spectral Controller for easy programming of either single or multiple A160 and A360 lights. EA will also be carrying the full range of Kessil accessories.

EA adds that Kessil lighting and controllers are being used exclusively on EA’s new premium range of systemised marine aquariums, which also feature a built-in filtration system, low iron glass and high-gloss, minimalist cabinets. The aquarium range will be available nationwide and provides custom features and a bespoke look in a ready-to-go, easy to use, off-the-shelf package.