Evolution Aqua releases its largest aquariums to date


Multi award winning aquarium and pond product manufacturer Evolution Aqua has launched the two largest aquariums it has ever made.  

At 1800 x 600 x 600mm, The Aquascaper 1800 and eaReefPro1800s come built completely from 19mm super white glass on all five panels. The thick glass enables the continuation of the rimless, braceless design the two ranges are known for, while at the same time offering the ultimate in strength and safety for such large aquariums.

The Aquascaper 1800 comes with clear silicone whereas the eaReefPro1800s has black. The eaReefPro also has black vinyl wrap to the rear, black glass central weir with black acrylic removable weir comb, and a twin outlet to better distribute water flow across its length.

The Evolution Aqua ProSump with twin moveable baffles is included with every eaReefPro1800s, as well as a separate 49 l top-up reservoir ensuring maximum interval length between refills. Foam mats are provided with all Evolution Aqua aquariums and sumps as standard.

There’s no need to go custom any more as every Evolution Aqua aquarium, including the 1800, comes with a choice of 16 premium cabinet finishes, pre-built* and in stock in the UK.

eaReefPro1800s tank and cabinet are £2499.
The Aquascaper1800 tank and cabinet are £2199. 
The Aquascaper tank only is £1449.
EA 1800 cabinet only is £849. 

Visit your nearest Evolution Aqua aquarium stockist for more information or go to www.evolutionaqua.com/aquariums.

*the 300 cabinet comes flat-packed