Evolution Aqua launches 'Perfect Pump'


Wigan-based pond equipment specialist Evolution Aqua has released a new range of pond pumps.

The Perfect Pump range, which are manufactured in Germany, all have large cages with a high surface area which is designed to reduce the likelihood of them clogging with debris.

The pumps, which are designed to be capable of handling solids of up to 8mm in diameter, have asynchronous motors with built-in thermal overload protection, as well as an auto-restart feature if the pump motor overheats.

The impeller housing is said to be easily dismantled for cleaning, and houses a ceramic impeller shaft and uses ceramic bearings internally.

The Perfect 13000 and 16000 pumps come with a "multi-function fitting" which allows you to add other attachments, such as a surface skimmer.

There are five models: the Perfect 5000, Perfect 7000, Perfect 10000, Perfect 13000 and Perfect 16000. Flow rates at 1m head range from 3100 lph in the Perfect 5000 to 13,300 lph in the Perfect 16000.

Wattages range from 49W in the 5100 lph Perfect 5000 to 200W in the 15,900 lph Perfect 16000.

The pumps come with a five-year guarantee and range in price from 225 for the smallest Perfect 5000 model to 415 for the Perfect 16000.