EHEIM launches new LED aquarium range


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EHEIM Proxima classicLED aquariums and cabinets.

EHEIM has added an LED alternative to its Proxima range of aquariums. The new classicLED set is equipped with two energy saving EHEIM classicLED strips instead of fluorescent tubes.

The elegant design of the Proxima range is ideal for the modern environment. The cabinet doors have no handles, giving them a classic, clean finish, and are available in high gloss white, mocha or the new ‘urban’ concrete (soft grey) look.

Features of the new EHEIM aquarium combination Proxima classicLED include:

  • Tank volume 175, 250 and 325 l.
  • 50cm depth — ideal for aquascaping.
  • Clean lines with an elegant mix of glass and brushed aluminium (light frame and bottom trim).
  • Easy to use cover with sliding black glass panes.
  • Two integrated, movable classicLED strips (daylight).
  • 500 Kelvin, colour similar to daylight.
  • Optimum illumination, radiation (light) angle 120°.
  • Water resistant lights (IP 67) with safety power supply and Y distributor.
  • High energy efficiency; average durability of the LED lamp min. 35000 hours.
  •  No handles on doors with soft close ‘push to open’ hinge technology

The aquarium and lights available separately (without cabinet). Cabinets also available separately (for all models except Proxima reef).