Eheim 3e with optional PC control


The new Eheim Professionel 3e external canister filters with optional PC control are now available in the UK.

Eheim contacted PFK to say that: "The new Professionel 3e Series with USB connection to PC is a logical development and modernization of the successful Professionel 3 electronic series."

"The engineers and computer specialists from Deizisau near Stuttgart, were not only successful in making this filter controllable via PC using the USB converter (Eheim Interface), but they also have a computer software (Eheim Control Center) written."

"This allows you to control, program and update the filter easily and conveniently from a PC. This is completely new!"

"With this filter, Eheim fulfilled the desire of many customers for a small electronic filter for aquariums up to 350l."

"This filter comes with the inbuilt pre-filter system, developed by Eheim for the external canister filter, which you probably already know from the Professionel 3 series."

"An efficient self-priming and the comfortable safety hose adapter complement this high-quality filter and make it a viable dream of every dedicated aquatic hobbyist."

"This new filter does not only fulfill the Eheim seal for sustainability, but also reflects the increasingly important requirement to develop and market energy-saving equipment."

Eheim confirmed that they are sending a model for review to the PFK office. The review will appear in a future issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine.